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Dutch Hayward Rochester, NY - Feb 25, 2022

Since starting our partnership with Eklego over 6 years ago, our organization has eliminated agency usage which saves us significant dollars annually. We adopted Eklego’s best in class recruitment process that better positions us to find and hire great staff. We consider Eklego an integral part of our organization’s success.

Robert Mayer Rochester, NY - Feb 25, 2022

Recruiting and retaining qualified staff is the number one issue that the senior care industry faces today. The staffing practices of the past are no longer effective in these challenging times. We chose to partner with Eklego five years ago and the partnership has helped us to modernize our recruiting process which has enabled us to fill positions more timely and accurately. Eklego helps us find staff who have the right skills and who align with our mission. Working with Eklego has been an effective partnership.