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/ ĕk-lĕg-ō /

  1. verb, classical Greek, to choose someone from a group and bestow upon them a special honor or privileged responsibility.
  2. proper noun, a modern Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm focused on helping mission-minded organizations attract, hire, and engage its greatest assets — its people.

At Eklego, we understand that when the right employer meets the right candidate, everyone wins. In fact, our mission is to bring qualified caregiving professionals and great opportunities together.

We accomplish this with a proven process that matches each candidate with their ideal position, at their ideal workplace. Senior Care organizations are able to reduce costs by lowering their vacancy rates and limiting turnover with staff fitting their culture. Meanwhile, nurses and caregivers benefit by finding jobs that they can really fall in love with. In the end, it means you can focus on what's most important —

providing the best possible care.