Elevating Recruitment Capacity At Glenaire

through Collaborative Solutions with Eklego Workforce Solutions 
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Executive Summary

This comprehensive case study outlines the collaboration between Glenaire, a renowned Life Plan Community in Cary, North Carolina, and Eklego Workforce Solutions. Faced with the monumental task of expanding its campus, Glenaire sought to double its size, necessitating a substantial increase in staffing. Leveraging Eklego’s expertise and infrastructure, Glenaire embarked on a journey to meet its staffing needs efficiently. This document explores the implementation process, encountered challenges, achieved outcomes, and unveils invaluable insights into best practices for effective recruitment, selection, and hiring strategies. 


Glenaire stands as a cornerstone within the Brightspire nonprofit senior living network, offering a commitment to faith-based service and a comprehensive continuum of care. Glenaire provides private accommodations in Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 400 employees, Glenaire is deeply attuned to the critical importance of long-term care and the strategic imperatives surrounding staffing solutions. 


Facing an ambitious campus expansion slated to unfold within a condensed six-month period, Glenaire encountered the formidable challenge of augmenting its recruitment and hiring efforts to align with the heightened staffing demands necessitated by the impending growth. 

The Response

In concert with Brightspire/Glenaire’s human resources leadership, Eklego emerged as a trusted partner, furnishing Glenaire with an infrastructure encompassing essential elements such as people, processes, tools, and metrics. This symbiotic alliance empowered Glenaire to navigate the intricate tasks of interviewing, selecting, and onboarding new hires with efficiency and timeliness. 

The Results

The collaborative synergy between Glenaire and Eklego yielded remarkable outcomes:


hires spanning across 18 distinct job titles. 


applications, a significant influx underscoring the widespread interest and engagement in Glenaire’s growth trajectory.


interviews conducted, reflecting Eklego and Glenaire’s commitment to meticulous candidate screening, evaluation and selection.

There is a reason for the old saying ‘time is money.’ Eklego facilitated the recruitment of a significant cohort of exceptional candidates for our expansion endeavor, which effectively doubled the size of our community. Their support was instrumental in managing the influx of hires within our ambitious timeline. Eklego’s professionalism, dedication, organizational acumen, and unwavering commitment to understanding our unique organizational ethos set them apart. Our collaborative journey was not just seamless but also enjoyable! In today’s competitive hiring landscape, having a reliable partner like Eklego is indispensable. As the adage goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ Our residents and team members continue to remark on the exceptional quality of service rendered by our new employees. A hire is indeed great, but an exceptional hire makes all the difference.

Kelli Underhill



The partnership between Glenaire and Eklego serves as an example of the transformative potential inherent within strategic collaborations. By harnessing Eklego’s specialized expertise and resources, Glenaire not only navigated the complexities of its expansion with grace and efficiency but also upheld its unwavering commitment to service excellence. This case study underscores the paramount importance of fostering collaborative alliances rooted in mutual trust, shared goals, and a commitment to organizational success. As Glenaire continues to chart its trajectory of growth and innovation, the enduring legacy of its partnership with Eklego stands as a testament to the profound impact of collaborative solutions in addressing complex staffing challenges within the senior living sector.

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