Our proven process matches each candidate with their ideal position, at their ideal workplace. Senior Care organizations are able to reduce costs by lowering their vacancy rates and limiting turnover with staff fitting their culture. Meanwhile, nurses and caregivers benefit by finding jobs that they can really fall in love with. In the end, it means you can focus on what's most important — providing the best possible care.


  • When you partner with us, workforce costs are reduced because you're driving down overtime spend, reducing or eliminating the need for agency use, and realizing higher retention rates.
  • We're focused only on recruitment, so our partnerships outperform industry standards in vacancy, time to fill, and turnover/quality of hire.
  • We'll take the time to learn as much as we can about your organization, from working closely with Human Resources to digging in to understand the needs on the clinical side. It's all aimed at helping you to stay ideally-staffed with the best candidates.
  • Our hybrid model (see below) combines the flexibility of working with an outside partner and the type of expertise and experience rarely found at other firms.

Hybrid Model
The benefits of Agency + In-House

  Agency In-House Eklego
Scalable infrastructure
Lower cost
Higher qualify of hire
"Pay for Performance" Guarantee 90 Days